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“I love to weave situations and characters that capture the imagination and live long in your mind. Reading a book should take you to another place and lift the spirit. That’s what I try to achieve. Thank you for stopping by.”



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Is Any Writing Good Practice?

As well as being an author, I write for myself and others in the field of copywriting. I often wonder if copywriting helps or harms my…

What I’ve Learned From Writing My Latest Novel

I’m really close to the end of my latest novel. It is called BriutAl and is the follow-up to InitiAl, the well-received first book in the…

Why You Should Never Use Kindle Cover Creator

I’ve literally just come from using the kindle Cover Creator and I can tell you it’s a pain in the backside. The designs are clunky to…

Don’t Waste Your Time Writing

It’s A Pain In The Ass