18 April 2018

It is always great to monitor the progress made with anything you do in life. If you don’t set a goal to begin with, and then check how close you are to your goal, then you will have no measure of success.

It is just over 2 weeks since I launched my 2nd novel, InitiAl by Steven Thompson and the response has been very good indeed. The sales are coming through nicely, but it is the feedback I have been given from people who are reading it that has been the most satisfying part of the process.

I enjoyed writing the book thoroughly and hoped that people would enjoy it a small fraction as much. The way that people have come back to me with comments and interest has far surpassed this.

The unmeasurable

I won’t go into detail here with regards the sales targets and how I am progressing against this, because I think that takes away massively from the initial joy (yes, I used the word initial when writing about my book InitiAl) that comes from seeing my work out there and feeling the love!

It is this unmeasurable aspect of writing a book that makes all the long hours worthwhile. I have already made a big start on the next novel, which is the sequel to this one. Many of the characters will continue as well.

If you have started to read the book, then I’d love to hear any feedback you have. With thrillers becoming the best selling books, it is a great time to get into this genre if you have never done so before. Enjoy!