11 January 2018

If you have started 2018 with a fresh well of inspiration, then you are probably not alone. Many of us feel that a new year is the perfect place to start resolutions, plan for a different future and look ahead. For writers, a new project (or finishing an old one) is a major part of their plans.

Writing a novel doesn’t come easily, so having this inspiration to draw on at the start is amazing.

But, don’t think that this well will never run dry.

In a few months time, there may be time when life gets in the way of these dreams and ideas that we feel are important now.

  • Your boss might expect you to work longer hours to finish a contract
  • Your kids might need extra support
  • You might just not feel like it

This is why bottling the way you feel right now is important to sustain the project through to finish. For someone writing a novel, specially if you have never written one before, this process will take around 6 months from start to finish.

Will you feel as inspired every day in that 6 months as when you started?

Incredibly unlikely.
The question then is how to bottle this feeling. There are some simple tips on how to do this as effectively as possible –

  1. Think about the why — not the what. The reason why you want to write a novel will be something burning deep inside. Always try to tap into this when you are feeling uninspired.
  2. Make it part of your routine. Out of sight, out of mind is definitely something that happens with tour writing. Walking away for a few weeks can be deadly to the creative process.
  3. Take pictures. Having visual prompts as to why you have started to write your novel can often trigger your inspiration again — especially when the alternative is a long string of words that might put you off.

These will help you to tap into that well of inspiration again when it feels like a project that you ill never finish.