05 April 2018

Regular readers will know that I am an author and my Medium feed is dedicated to helping people get the most from their writing. I offer hints and inspiration to write for yourself and make your work as good as it can possibly be. From the feedback I have received, this is working for many people.

And I am happy to announce that …

My new novel, InitiAl by Steven Thompson is out on the Amazon store in paperback and Kindle formats.

I have been working on the book for some time and have been gearing it up for release. The effort gone into this shows that putting together a full-length book takes a lot of energy. I think that it has been worth it.

I’d love any feedback from people regarding the book, blurb, marketing or anything else for that matter. I have worked at several levels to get things into shape and feel that this is the best I could make it.

I have included a short excerpt here –

“What did you think of all that, Electra?” Augustine knew that there was no point in beating around the bush or trying to be cryptic with her. She only really dealt in absolutes and besides they didn’t have long before they would be at the scene. There was no time at all for small talk.
“Well, Gus,” she always called him Gus even though nobody else ever did, he didn’t mind as long as it was just her. “I am thinking that this is not a one-off. Unless there are other letters that are being uncovered as we speak, this signifies the start of something, or even the middle or the end. Just because we have found this body and this letter first, it doesn’t mean that this is the first victim,” she told Gus in a way that resembled a parent-child relationship. She spoke to everyone as though they were intellectual inferiors, and because of her large brain and ability to use it to full effect, they usually were. Augustine was one of them. But he didn’t care one iota. It was the type of thinking he had come to expect from Electra and quite frankly the kind of thinking he had come to rely on. The rest of the team had their skills, but none could out-think Electra. He sat in silence and let her continue. He feared that an interruption might stop her flow of thought.

I’d love to know your thoughts!