26 March 2018

Another exciting week in my life as an author. My second novel will be published on Thursday. It is a detective fiction novel following a team looking for a serial killer.

I have included a short excerpt here –

But maybe his sleep was the consequence of those people and their crimes. The things he had seen over the years were enough to keep anyone awake. When he first started his career in the police he was told by the more experienced detectives that you get used to it. The repeat effect of seeing decaying or mutilated bodies was supposed to numb the senses to it. On the first occasion, it would all be too much, even for those with the strongest stomach. The smell was worse than the sight, but the pair of them together turned every stomach the first time. But for Augustine it happened just about every time. He had picked up the technique of using Vaseline to cover the nostrils and prevent most of the smell entering his system. That was the only way he could stop the vomit from travelling in the opposite direction. But the images couldn’t be blocked in the same way. There was no method possible of stopping them from entering his brain through the eyes.


It was written a short while ago and since then I have worked on editing, formatting and getting the cover and supporting artwork made.

And as I researched publishing, one thing came up. Books are published on a Thursday. They are (just about) all published on a Thursday.

I don’t know exactly why, probably something to do with the best seller charts, but when you look at the dates books are published they happen on a Thursday.

So that’s what I’m doing. With everything ready to go, I don’t see any reason to stall with this any longer. It is sat there waiting for me to push the button.

As a writer, you need to be aware of the little things like this in the market. Publishing on the day that your readers expect will bring them comfort and allow the audience to find your work.

If they expect to see new releases on a Thursday then this is when they will look for them. If you choose to release on a Friday then they maybe won’t look for 6 days and then you might miss out on vital sales — perhaps forever. Thursday is the day!