Augustine Boyle lays in a hospital bed, the killer Alaaldin Hussein is on the loose. The team is in disarray. We left them last Summer picking up the pieces of a killing spree that had terrorised a city. This Summer doesn’t look any better. The team of detectives have one thing and one thing only on their minds. It’s capturing the killer. But there are so many dynamics to take into account. Their ex-leader has been seriously imjured. Will he pull through? They have a new leader. How will he keep their focus on the job? Written by accomplished author Steven Thompson, BRUTAL is thrilling from start to finish. The author takes us on a journey in his own style. With a degree in Linguistics from Lancaster University and a series of ghost-written books under his belt, Steven Thompson delivers his third novel. Enjoy! Praise for INITAL – “I really like the characters in this book, very different and quirky but believable. very often crime thrillers are all about the villain but this book had you getting into the mindset of the detective. it was really well written and quite addictive. I eagerly await the follow up because I really want to see how Augustine develops.” “Really well written crime thriller! You can completely imagine the characters and become invested in their stories. I can’t wait for the sequel as could not put this book down!!”


Augustine Boyle feels like he is failing. Failing his team, his career and the victims he has been assigned in his role as a murder detective. He gets another case that looks another in a long line of cases he can’t solve. But something about it feels different. Then another victim comes his way and there are similarities at the scene. Suddenly Augustine Boyle and his team are hooked. InitiAl follows the path of Boyle and his team as they look to catch a killer with almost no clues. The team come together and fall apart at different stages of the investigation as the stress of looking for a needle in a haystack pushes down on them. Will Augustine get it together? Will his search for love get in the way of his work? Will these two worlds collide? InitiAl deal with themes of identity and relationship as the characters brush against each other the confined spaces of a small city. Gripping from the outset, InitiAl is the detective thriller to take on the likes of Jo Nesbo.

David’s Goliath

If you found a book that told the story of your life, would you read on? Would you? David Davidson went on holiday to relax and forget about it all for a while. But what he discovered while he was away changed the way he looked at his life. He found something that took over his every move, occupied his every thought and made him think deeply about his existence. It is something that is in all of us. This book explores who we are, how we see ourselves and how this matches with the view the world has about us. What is your Goliath? Written in a style reminiscent of Philip Roth, David’s Goliath mixes humour with rage. It takes the reader on a ride through one man’s discovery and how it affects him. What will be the outcome? Where will the voyage take David?